Women's Self Defense

Our best defense is awareness.

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Yennie Martial Arts -  Women's Self Defense

Yennie Martial Arts is proud to offer a class for just women to learn basic and life-saving techniques. We want to help build awareness and confidence. These classes are taught by a female instructor, with a male attacker.

Amie V. Yennie

Hello Everyone!  My name is Amie Yennie and I am a 2nd degree black belt and a certified martial arts instructor at Yennie Martial Arts.  I trained under Mr. Shawn Yennie, who also happens to also be my husband.  Even before I had an interest in martial arts, I have always had a passion for women’s self-defense. My goal is for each woman to feel comfortable in learning self-defense no matter her shape, size, age, or ability.

Women’s self-defense is a class to build awareness in women and to teach basic self-defense in case of dangerous situations.  It is so important for everyone to be able to know what to do in these situations and what to watch for and avoid.  This class uses a combination of talk time and mat time, because it is important to defend ourselves mentally and physically.  The women will also be able to try out different techniques on a padded male attacker.  Practicing techniques and knowing what you are able to do is important in building self-confidence and being prepared.  Participants will learn techniques from just becoming more assertive in mild situations all the way to anti-rape situations.  There will also be time for question and answer time.

Meet the Instructor

Miss Kaija Yennie

Mrs. Pamela Freet

Mrs. Sarah Hansen

We recommend this class for every female, ages 13 and Up!

Learn techniques that will work for you!

This course will go over awareness, defense techniques, simulated situation, points of attacks and much more!

We host our own classes which are open to the public


You can host your own class at our location or yours! The YMA crew can tailor make a class for your friends/family.

Ready to join or host a Women's Self Defense Class? 

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