Haidong Gumdo

Yennie Martial Arts

Tang Soo Do         

Welcome to Yennie Martial Arts

"Yennie Martial Arts is Southern Minnesota's 

Fastest growing Martial Arts program". 

We have 3 locations to serve you best

Spring Valley, MN - Chatfield, MN Grand Meadow, MN

We specialize in Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate

Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon Program (ages 4-7)

Youth Classes (ages 8-12)

Adult/Advanced Classes (13-up)

 We Also Have Southern Minnesota's ONLY Haidong Gumdo Program!

     Haidong Gumdo (The Way of the Sword )

Taught By: Master Shawn R. Yennie  

Chatfield Dojang 

Spring Valley Dojang

(ages 13- up)

We Also Offer Ki Gong (Korean Tai Chi)

Builds Healing Power

Taught By: Mr. Shawn R. Yennie and Mrs. Amie V. Yennie

 Chatfield Dojang

(all ages)

    Tang Soo Do              (Korean Karate)

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            (Korean Sword Way)

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      Ki Gong
                (Korean Tai Chi)

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