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                                                                     WHAT IS KI GONG?

    Ki Gong is a system of training designed to develop the mind, body, and spirit. The easy to follow physical exercises focus on Meridian, Circulatory, Respiratory, and Ki-Energy systems of the body. Ki Gong provides all the benefits of yoga, Tai-Chi, and meditation in one discipline. As you proceed through our program, you will advance through different levels of physical exercise, accessing Ki-Energy and circulation. The goal of each step is to help you achieve greater levels of health, mental and physical energy. The purpose of Ki Gong is to give individuals the opportunity to realize their own personal power by stimulating the Ki-Energy circulation activating the body's natural healing power. This is an enriching experience, irrespective of age, or physical ability. With regular practice of the Ki Gong, it is possible to keep blood and energy circulation flowing smoothly throughout the entire body. This will enable you to relax more easily and bring a feeling of peace, joy and a positive attitude.

     Ki Gong is a system of training which incorporates physical and mental exercises with meditation. It is also known as "qigong" or "chi gung". The "Ki" in Ki Gong refers to energy or life force. It may be pronounced as "Key" or "Chee". "Gong" refers to a discipline or mastery. In essence, it is the practice of mastering ones own internal energy in relation to ones environment.

                                                                           WHAT IS KI?

     Ki is a natural, vital, universal life energy that flows within, through, around and between all living things in the cosmos. It cannot be seen or touched. Ki flexes, bends and manipulates itself through and around all so that it is in constant balance. It is a transcendental energy that vitalizes human life.

                                                       WHY KI GONG AND MEDITATION?

     Ki Gong training is simple and fun yet extremely effective in producing positive results. For thousands of years, it was the foundation and essence of the Oriental healing arts. Herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, tai chi and yoga utilize the same underlying principles as Ki Gong and have developed similar techniques in various cultures. Today, Western medicine has begun to research this ancient ki theory. It has become popular in medical centers that previously denied the existence of Ki. The practice of energy exercise is now common in healing centers throughout the Western world. Millions of people practice Ki Gong as a part of their daily routine for health preservation and maintenance.

                                                                       CAN I LEARN?

      Yes, as long as you are willing to try you can learn simple exercises. It is suggested that these exercises be performed in a standing position. However, to current health conditions may require that they be performed in a sitting position. These exercises can be practiced at your studio or home.

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