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Youth classes at Yennie Martial Arts set positive pathways for life!

Our Youth Tang Soo Do programs are specifically tailored to children aged 8 - 12. Our skilled and experienced instructors know how to make every class enjoyable and educational, while focusing on developing physical abilities and confidence-building skills.

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Youth Tang So Do Classes Build Benefits For Life

Listening Skills

Listening is a skill just like kicking and punching! But listening is hard to do when you're middle school age. Our instructors give easy to understand instructions that help kids learn how to listen in and out of the class!

Taking Instruction

A coachable kid is a successful kid! From teachers to instructors to parents, children have to be able to discern sage advice when they hear it. And we make it so much fun that they love to practice being coachable.

Social Skills

Social Skills like interaction with peers, understanding social cues, working with others in a shared space and more - these are hugely important skills that will help your preschooler thrive!

Build Benefits For Life

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Youth Tang So Do classes help give children important foundations for mental skills like focus - as they get older, they'll have the ability to have sustained patience at will, and they'll benefit from it for life. 


Children need a safe, structured place to learn to overcome obstacles in order to build grit and determination. Our middle school age classes are specifically designed to be a space where you child can learn to overcome any obstacle they face!


A lack of confidence can permeate every aspect of life, so it's vital that children begin to build it as early as possible. Tang Soo Do will help your child build a rock-solid confidence that they'll carry with them for the rest of their lives.

It's not just kids that love it...

Parents love Youth Tang Soo Do

It's not just kids that love our Youth Tang Soo Do program. Once they see the classes, parents love it because it's more than just a fun activity - it's life skills in action!

YMA Parents Agree..

Why Yennie Martial Arts Parents love Youth Tang Soo Do Program

     Class Times 

Youth class times were designed by parents for parents - you're almost guaranteed to find a time that works for your families needs.


Your child will be surrounded by peers striving towards the same goals they are. They'll build friendships and be supported in their journey.

     Life Skills

There's literally no better place for your child to learn life skills like Persistence, Determination and Empathy. They'll listen and learn from role-model instructors, and they'll love it!

  Physical Skills

It's more than amazing ninja moves - it's proprioception, balance, agility and more - physical traits that will remain with and benefit your child for the rest of their lives. 

Build Benefits For Life

Limited class spaces -  Enroll ASAP
See Class Schedule & Registration Options

   Kids Love Classes Too!

Kids need activities that are engaging and awesome. They *have* to be cooler than video games, TV, phones and other screen oriented activities that simply aren't beneficial. Youth Tang Soo Do is exactly what they want - here's why:

Why YMA kids Love Youth Tang So Do Classes

  Real Strength

Kids can see their own strength building after only a few weeks. They love to see their strength grow in real time, working each day on becoming the strongest version of themselves.

Amazing Agility

Yes, the reality is that every child thinks they're already a ninja! Once they get into class though, they start learning actual, real 'ninja' moves, and they absolutely love feeling like a superhero.

 They feel 'Cool'

Many parents are new to Yennie Martial Arts, but almost all kids know how awesome it is to be here. It's a blast, and parents can feel great knowing it's also packed with benefits.

They have FUN!

We teach kids because we love it! because we love what we do! That shows through each and everyday, and the joy is infectious.  It's the most fun activity available for them, hands down!


Kids need programs like Youth Tang Soo Do now more than ever...

    20.4% of kids

American children are obese or are at risk for obesity

To help fight and prevent Obesity, kids need to move! The reality though is that our lives aren't setup for movement. With 7+ hour seated school days and busy parent work schedules, it's tough to keep modern kids healthy.

      8M U.S. Kids

Lead sedentary lives

It's too easy for kids nowadays to become sedentary and carry that into adulthood. The healthy habits learned at Yennie Martial Arts can benefit kids for life, and can fight the seemingly inevitable march of adult onset health issues.

  40% of Adults

Almost half of Adults are sedentary

More and more it seems inevitable that as kids grow into adults, they slow down and become unhealthy. It doesn't have to be this way, but we have to create healthy movements habits before it's too late.

Build Benefits For Life

Limited class spaces -  Enroll ASAP
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Traditional Sports  vs.  Tang Soo Do

Boy with Ball_edited_edited_edited.jpg

    Traditional Sports



Being left out if you're 'not good enough'

unhelpful, untrained amateur coaches

Physical skills only; no focus on character development

Too many practices and games,

leaving precious little family time

Traditional Youth Sports don't work for most kids.

For many families, the emotional cost and lack of real benefits simply isn't worth the effort and time commitment 


Tang Soo Do


All kids are always included,

physically gifted or not


Trained, caring, professional instructors


Physical skills kids love, but an intentional

focus on life skills kids need

Reasonable expectations for attendance and participation leaving plenty of family time

Tang Soo Do is the perfect solution

All of the benefits of a group sport - teamwork, interaction with peers, learning with a group, but with all of the advantages of an individual activity


This could be the best thing you've ever done for your child.

Take advantage of our no-strings attached trial offer.

You'll see for yourself just how amazing your child could be

Build Benefits For Life

Limited class spaces -  Enroll ASAP
See Class Schedule & Registration Options
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