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Yennie Martial Arts Adult Program

Unlock your potential with our martial arts program designed just for adults! Gain confidence, discipline, and real usable strength while having a blast. Join a supportive community, learn self-defense, and develop lifelong skills. Ready to kickstart your martial arts journey? There is never a better time than now!

Transform Your Body and Mind 
Why Get Older, When You Could Get Better?







Yennie Martial Arts adult classes build strength in a real, functional way, regardless of how old you are. Build your body as you hone your mind using applicable, real-world techniques.

Flexibility isn't just for showing off, it has tremendous health benefits from increased quality of life to injury reduction, especially outside of the Martial Arts, in everyday life.

Increased balance, awareness and precision turn you into an everyday superhero. You'll be able to use your body to its fullest potential, building skills day by day. Fight off the effects of aging and achieve your full physical potential.

Build Benefits For Life

Limited class spaces -  Enroll ASAP


So you're not a kid anymore and you're just done with personal growth? Not if you're with us! Our students say one of the reasons they attend is that they're constantly "leveling up" and growing personally.



It's tough for adults to find a group of people who support them, help them through challenges, and push them to be their best. But that's exactly what our classes are all about



If you aren't trying new things, you aren't living your life. Trying new things is hard, but we make it easy, building confidence step by step. Setting and accomplishing goals, overcoming obstacles, and more!


This is better than "going to the gym"...

Adults love Tang Soo Do

It's not just kids that love Yennie Martial Arts. Once Adults see how fun, motivating, inspiring, and healthy the program is, they're hooked.

There's a reason..

This is for real people..

Adult Classes at Yennie Martial Arts Were Designed Specifically For YOU


Our classes were designed specifically for the average person. You'll build skills step by step, without having to be a superstar to see improvement. But stick with it, and you'll see your abilities soar!


You'll be surrounded by peers striving towards the same goals you are, day in, day out. You'll build friendships and be supported in your individual journey.

   Mental Health

We've always known it, but now the science agrees: You must take time for your own mental health. Martial Arts helps you clear your mind, accomplish goals, and be more healthy, from the inside out.

  Physical Skills

It's more than just learning awesome looking moves - it's proprioception, balance, agility and more - physical skills that will remain with and benefit you for the rest of your life. 


Adults need programs like Tang Soo Do now more than ever...

 10% more likely to die

But it's not just adverse health outcomes

Americans who lead sedentary lives aren't just at increased risk for obesity and heart disease; they're 10% more likely to die prematurely than those who get adequate physical exercise. 


In extra medical costs

The average unhealthy individual who leads a sedentary lifestyle pays, on average, $1,429 more in medical costs every year. It's not just good for your body to find something enjoyable to keep you healthy, it's good for your pocketbook!

  42+% of Adults

Almost half of Adults are Obese

More and more it seems inevitable that as we grow into adults, we slow down and become unhealthy. But it doesn't have to be this way! You can find something you love to do that will keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life.

Build Benefits For Life

Limited class spaces -  Enroll ASAP

         Gyms  vs.  Tang Soo Do

Male Profile_edited_edited.jpg


"workout" Gyms


Sign you up and then leave you on your own

unhelpful, untrained staff

Judgement if you don't know

the jargon or aren't as fit as everyone else

You're a number; no one cares

about your goals or success

Traditional gyms

don't work for most people.

For many people, the emotional cost and lack of support simply aren't worth the effort or time commitment 


Tang Soo Do


Everyone is included,

physically gifted or not


Trained, caring, professional instructors



Measurable increases in flexibility,

strength and agility

Peers and professionals who care

deeply about you and your success

Tang Soo Do is the perfect solution

All of the benefits of a group sport - teamwork, interaction with peers, learning with a group, but with all of the advantages of an individual activity

This Could be the Best thing you've ever done for yourself

Take advantage of our no-strings attached trial offer.

You'll see for yourself just how amazing your teen could be

Build Benefits For Life

Limited class spaces -  Enroll ASAP
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